How To Do Your Best: Advice from Frank Storch

In a poignant article, Frank Storch recently discussed what it means to be a light unto the nations. He recalls that he has used his father as an example of how to act. As he said, “My father lived his life with a mission of sanctifying the name of God.  He was filled with integrity and always chose to do more than just “the right thing.”  When a buyer for a building lot was unable to continue making payments my father told him “if you can’t use my lot I can’t use your payments” and returned every previous monthly payment to him.  When county building codes were not adequate enough to ensure long-term safety and stability for a building, my father would go above and beyond what was required at his own expense.”

All of us can’t go to this length, of course, but Storch points out things that we can do. As he wrote,  “We can make sure to always greet cashiers and other service people with a smile, a hello and a thank you. If a cashier hands us too much change, return it and show it’s important to be honest. We can care about others by handing out cold water on hot days or lending a helping hand to someone at the grocery store. We can give someone else a potential parking spot or hold the door open for someone behind us.  Why not wish a passer-by a wonderful day or let someone go ahead of us in line?  Random acts of kindness, even small and effortless, can have a tremendous impact on our world  while shining a positive light on the Jewish people.”

Something to think about as we head towards the new year.


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